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Session 36   Dynamic Micro/Nano I (Tuesday Late Afternoon)

5:30 PM   238   Dynamic rupture of metallic adhesion in rough surfaces: analysis at the micro-scale
  D. Bortoluzzi, University of Trento, C. Zanoni, University of Trento, B. Seutchat Tcheungang, University of Trento, L. Gambini, University of Trento, F. Giacomozzi, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, , , ,


The interest in adhesion between metallic surfaces is shared by different engineering applications. In the frame of the technological research for a space mission, this topic found an interesting development, in which gold-gold adhesion is studied in conditions of dynamic rupture. Differently from previous applications, here the focus is on the behaviour of adhesive interactions between rough surfaces during the whole range of elongations up to failure, produced under high strain rate. Following the development of the experimental facility, the research is now aimed at understanding the micro-scale phenomena taking place in the mechanical contact area, where high surface energy and elasto-plastic deformation rule the surface interactions.



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