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Editorial Committee



Senior Technical Editor
Jeffrey Helm (2015)
Lafayette College
Associate Technical Editors

Fran├žois Barthelat (2014)

McGill University

Paul Gloeckner (2016)

Cummins, Inc.

Mayank Tiwari (2016)

Indian Institute of Technology


Jason Blough (2014)

Michigan Technological University

Bahram Khalighi (2016)

General Motors R&D Center

Todd Simmermacher (2015)

Sandia National Laboratories


Alfredo Cigada (2014)

Politecnico di Milano

Dahsin Liu (2016)

Michigan State University

Xing Zhang (2015)

Institute of Metal Research


Cosme Furlong (2015)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Paul Reynolds (2016)

University of Exeter

Kristin B. Zimmerman (2015)

General Motors R&D Center
Tom Proulx
Managing Editor
Nuno Lopes




Experimental Techniques Editorial Committee. The committee consists of a Senior Editor, Associate Editors, Current Special Topics Editors, the Publisher of the Society, and SEM editorial staff.

Editorial Committee Function. This committee is responsible for providing an overview of the articles that are to appear in upcoming issues. This committee is to provide a forum for SEM members, authors, and ET Editorial Committee to discuss problems related to ET. This committee also provides a mechanism to assist in generating Special Topics Series, Technical Division oriented series and Educational Series. This committee shall meet a minimum of twice per year: at the Annual Meeting of SEM, and at IMAC.

Selection of Associate Editors. The Senior Editor shall appoint the Associate Editors based on the recommendations of the ET Advisory Group and the ET Editorial Committee. Individuals appointed as Associate Editors should have demonstrated a clear understanding of the intent and focus of ET and a willingness to perform the function of Associate Editor, for example, by the previous service as a reviewer for ET or service as a Special Topics Editor.

Selection of Senior Editor. The President shall appoint the Senior Editor from past and present Associate Editors based on the recommendation of the Advisory Group.

Term of Senior Editor. The Senior Editor shall serve a five year term.

Term of Associate Editors. The Associate Editors shall serve renewable, staggered three-year terms





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