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In 1975, the Honors Committee recommended a bylaws change which would enable a Fellow grade of membership to be established.
The recommendation, which was approved, changed Article IV, Section 3 to read: "A Fellow shall be an individual who has distinguished himself/herself in some field in which the Society has interest, who has been a member of the Society for at least ten consecutive years, and whose contributions to the Society and the technical community have justified this honor. The number and manner of election of Fellows shall be as specified by the Executive Committee.

For more details on the Fellow Grade of Membership, Nomination Requirements, or the schedule followed by the Committee of Fellows, please select one of the items below.

The Fellows Committee has prepared a nomination form which details all pertinent information required to have someone's name placed for nomination. Copies of the appropriate form are available from this site (see below) or may be obtained from:


7 School Street

Bethel, CT 06801

Fax: 203-790-4472


The Fellows Committee meets at the SEM Annual Conference to elect a slate of nominees for presentation at the following SEM Annual Conference.


SEM Fellows Nomination Form
Indicates background of candidate and why they should be named a Fellow.
Reference Form
Two (2) completed reference forms are required to support each nomination
Microsoft Word Documents
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You may then fill out and
email to



Fellow Awards:

Members who have been selected for Fellow grade since its inception follow.


  Hugh Bruck    
    Prof. Bruck received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Carolina, and PhD in Materials Science from Caltech. He is currently Professor in the Department of Mechanical of Engineering at the University of Maryland. He has authored or co-authored 7 book chapters, 87 journal papers, and 89 conference papers involving development and application of experimental characterization techniques such as digital image correlation to understanding and modeling mechanical behavior of bulk metallic glasses, functionally graded materials, nanostructured materials, and biological/bio-inspired composites. He served on the SEM executive board, and as associate editor for Experimental Mechanics.
  Wendy C. Crone    

Wendy C. Crone is the Associate Dean for Graduate Education in the Graduate School and a Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Her research is in the area of solid mechanics, and many of the topics she has investigated are connected with nanotechnology and biotechnology. As a Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics with affiliate appointments in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she has applied her technical expertise to improving fundamental understanding of mechanical response of materials, enhancing material behavior through surface modification and nanostructuring, exploring the interplay between cells and the mechanics of their surroundings, and developing new material applications and medical devices. Prof. Crone was granted a CAREER Award by the National Science Foundation, honored with the WEPAN Educator Award and the Doris Slesinger Award for Excellence in Mentoring, received a Career Enhancement Award for Stem Cell Research from the National Institutes of Health, and awarded the M.M. Frocht Award from the Society for Experimental Mechanics. She has held the positions of Vice-Chair for the MEMS and Nanotechnology Technical Division 2001-2006, at-large member of the Executive Board 2010-2012, and Vice-Chair of the National Meetings Council 2010-2012 with the Society for Experimental Mechanics. In addition to more than 50 peer reviewed journal publications, dozens of explanatory education products, and four patents, she is the author of the book Survive and Thrive: A Guide for Untenured Faculty.

  Peter G. Ifju    
    Peter Geza Ifju is the Knox Millsaps Chaired Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Florida.  He received a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science (1992), a M.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics (1989), and a B.S. in Civil Engineering (1986) all from Virginia Tech. He also performed a Post-Doc at NASA Langley Research Center (1992-1993) in the Mechanics of Materials Branch.  His research activities include experimental stress analysis, optical methods for stress analysis (moiré interferometry, luminescent photoelastic coatings), and composite materials stress analysis and fabrication.  He has also gained notoriety in micro air vehicle (MAV) and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) design, fabrication, system integration, applications, and experimental characterization. Dr Ifju has gained considerable international recognition in experimental mechanics including being selected as the first recipient of the A. J. Durelli Award from the Society for Experimental Mechanics in 2004.  AIAA granted Dr. Ifju the Abe M. Zarem Award in 2005.  He also received the NSF Career award in 1995. His publications have been recognized by paper of the year awards in three separate journals, including twice the Journal of Experimental Techniques (Harding Award), the Journal of Experimental Mechanics (Peterson Award) and the Journal of the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE).  He has received teacher of the year awards on the department and college level at the University of Florida.  The University of Florida MAV Team, lead by Dr. Ifju, won first place overall in the International MAV Competition eight consecutive years from 1999-2006.  In 2000 Discovery magazine granted Dr. Ifju a Top Ten Technology Innovation Award for Micro Air Vehicle Development. Dr. Ifju has coauthored or authored 2 books (one on experimental stress analysis and one on micro air vehicles), 12 book chapters, more than 80 journal papers, and more than 130 conference papers. He served as president of SEM in 2011-2012 and on the executive board from 2005-2007 and 2009-2014.
  Ghatu Subhash    
    Professor Subhash obtained his MS and PhD degrees from University of California San Diego in 1991 and then conducted post-doctoral research at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. He joined Michigan Technological University in 1993 and then moved to University of Florida in 2007. He has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching, research and professional service, including the ‘Significant Contribution Award’ American Nuclear Society Materials Science and Technology Division (2014) ‘Technology Innovator Award’ University of Florida (2014), University of Florida Research Foundation Professor (2013), College of Engineering Teacher/Scholar of the year (2013), ‘Researcher of the Year’ Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, UF (2011); Second Place of the Best paper Awards at the 31st Annual American Ceramic Society meeting (2008); Michigan Tech Distinguished Research Award (2005); ASME Fellow (2004); ASME Student Section Advisor Award (2003); Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award (2000); American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Outstanding New Mechanics Educator (1996); Michigan Tech Distinguished Teaching Award (1994). He is an Associate Editor of Mechanics of Materials, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Experimental Mechanics, ASTM Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology and Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials. He has graduated 22 PhD students and is currently advising 12 PhD students in various fields related to processing, microstructural characterization and multiaxial behavior of materials including ceramics, metals, foams, composites, gels and brain tissue. He has authored 145 peer reviewed journal papers, 70 conference proceedings, 10 invention disclosures and patents.



Archie A.T. Andonian

Weinong (Wayne) Chen


David J. Ewins

Wolfgang Osten


K.T. Ramesh

John Lambros


David Brown

Fabrice Pierron


E. O'Brien

N. Sottos

  D. Rittel

J.L.F. Freire

S. Nemat-Nasser


C. Pappalettere

H.V. Tippur

  R.J. Allemang   Y. Morimoto
  J. Lu   G. Ravichandran

I. Emri

H.D. Espinosa

  A. Rosakis
  E.A. Patterson   S.-C. "Max" Yen
  B. Han   K.P. Chong
  M. Tuttle   W.-C. Wang
  S.K. Foss   E.E. Gdoutos

C.T. Liu

M. Takashi

  K.M. Liechti
  R. Chona   A. Lagarde

G.L. Cloud

J.F. Doyle

  R.J. Pryputniewicz

K. Ravi-Chandar

J. McKelvie

  Y.J. Chao

Michael M. Lemcoe

Michael A. Sutton

  Thomas W. Corby, Jr.

M. Ramulu

M.Y.Y. Hung

  J.F. Kalthoff

T. Kunio

S.P. Wnuk, Jr.

  J.B. Ligon
  M. Nisida (1996-1999)   R. Prabhakaran




  I.M. Allison   G.E. Maddux
  A. Shukla   J.L. Turner
  J.A. Gilbert   T.C. Huang
  W.N. Sharpe, Jr.   S.E. Swartz

J.F. Bell (1988-1995)

K.A. Stetson

  J. Der Hovanesian

N.J. Hoff (1987-1997)

M.L. Williams, Jr.
  W.G. Knauss
      C. Lipson (1987-1990)

K.H. Laermann

R.D. Mindlin (1986-1988)

R. Mark

J.T. Pindera


C.P. Burger

K.G. McConnell


G.R. Irwin (1985-1998)

W.F. Ranson


C.W. Bert

M.E. Fourney

  H.F. Brinson

F.P. Chiang

W.L. Fourney


T.D. Dudderar

D.R. Harting (1983-1996)


E.E. Day

R.E. Rowlands


E.I. Riegner

C.A. Sciammarella


I.M. Daniel

V.J. Parks


J. Dorsey

C.E. Work


P.H. Adams

L.J. Weymouth (1980-1983)


R.J. Sanford

W.C. Young


J.W. Dalley

R.H. Homewood

L.S. Srinath


D.J. DeMichele (1979-2000)

S.S. Redner

P.S. Theocaris (1979-1999)


J.W. Dally

A.E. Johnson

E.O. Stitz (1978-1997)


M. Holt (1978-1981)

D.E. Niles

W.F. Swinson


G. Ellis (1977-1997)

C.C. Perry

W. Ramberg (1977-1985)

B.E. Rossi (1977-1986)

J.C. Telinde


A.S. Kobayashi

D. Post

W.F. Riley (1977-2000)

C.W. Smith

D.K. Wright (1977-1991)


F.C. Bailey

S.S. Manson

R.E. Peterson (1976-1982)

P.K. Stein

C.E. Taylor


W.T. Bean

F.J. McCormick (1976-2000)

C.R. Smith (1976-1983)

F.B. Stern (1976-1992)

F. Zandman


D.C. Drucker

M. Hentényi (1975-1984)

J.H. Meier

F.G. Tatnall (1975-1981)


A.J. Durelli (1975-2000)

M.M. Leven (1975-1979)

W.M. Murray (1975-1990)

T.J. Dolan (1975-1996)






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