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Mesh-size Effect Study of Ductile Fracture by Non-local Approach (10 pages)
By Y. Li, T. Wierzbicki, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Conference: 2009 SEM 2009 Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental & Applied Mechanics
In the numerical simulation of ductile fracture, strong mesh size sensitivity can develop where strain to failure increases with finer finite element meshes. In this investigation, it is shown that mesh size effects occur when using semi-coupled plasticity/damage theory [1] and Mohr-Coulomb ductile fracture model [2] to simulate ductile fracture of the plane strain flat grooved tensile specimen using shell element model with element deletion. The mesh size effects are analyzed from the non-local point of view. It is found that the stress and strain fields have high gradients in the localization zone and the continuing application of the classical stress-strain relation in the localization zone is the cause for mesh size effects in Finite Element (FE) simulations. An equivalent element model is developed to calibrate the non-local stress-strain relation for different mesh sizes. An example of how the mesh size effects can be reduced by using the mesh-size-dependent non-local stress-strain is shown.



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