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Defects Reduction of Nano-semiconductor Dual Damascene Process Development (8 pages)
By C.-J. Weng, Leader University  

Conference: 2009 SEM 2009 Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental & Applied Mechanics
To be successful in the competitive nano-semiconductor industry, the need to reduce cost per die is necessary and always challenging. Such defect data consist of systematic and random defects that may be yield limiting or may be just cosmetic issue with low probability of yield impact. Nano semiconductor process manufacturing defects can often impact product yields, depending upon the type, size, and location of the defect, as well as the design and yield sensitivity of the respective semiconductor product devices. This paper presents comprehensive the investigating a process defects monitor and integration on semiconductor copper manufacturing process and technology, and module process integration of the problem of defects reduction on semiconductor etching manufacturing processes. This paper presents our study on the cause of sphere defects in dual damascene trench isolation etching process. As device geometries are reduced, understanding and minimizing the sources of process-induced defects is critical to achieving and maintaining high device yields. In this paper, systemic identification and classification approach has been introduced to improve process yield by defect sampling for SEM review. Experiments were performed to identify the defect source and determine the mechanism of defect formation. The solutions implemented to eliminate this issue are presented



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